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Staying in Salzburg can be due to many reasons: Visiting the world-famous festivals, passing through on a Europe trip, spending the holidays or simply the weekend. For whatever reason you are in this wonderful town, you should not miss those amazing stories the city offers. Some of them are told on my guided tours through Salzburg and the surrounding area.  


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Pupils, adolescents, adults or elderly, if you are 10 or 90 years old, if you need a tour guide for your class or your knitting club, salzburgstories are for all ages.



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Did you know that Hohensalzburg Castle is more than 900 years old and was never conquered, that the Christmas markets in Salzburg count among the most charming markets of the world and that the world’s largest ice caves are only 40 minutes away from the city. Find some stories and facts about Salzburg and the surroundings by clicking on the pictures or by joining one of my guided tours.


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            Salzburg is my home - languages are my hobby - guiding is my passion


            200_014 Born and raised in Salzburg, I discovered the city and its sights in the 60's. Lots of stories have been written and told since that time. During my education in tourism, I learned to love foreign languages and it is a hobby of mine to learn new ones and improve my skills. After working as a travel agent and guide in museums in Austria, France and Italy and due to my sociableness, I decided to become self-employed in 2014. Working as a certified Austria Guide and telling stories about the present and the past of my hometown to people from all over the world, is my job since then - and I like it!

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            The Mozart statue is situated on Mozart square in the old town of Salzburg. It was created by two Bavarian artists and inaugurated in September 1842. The Bavarian King, Ludwig I. was an important sponsor, who donated the marble pedestal of the monument. It is told that the statue had been filled with cigars before being transported to Austria. Maybe they should have been used to pay the workers? During the setup of the statue parts of a roman villa and mosaic were excavated. A copy of the mosaic, reconstructed on the initiative of the Salzburg guides, can be found next to the Mozart statue. Unfortunately the original is not preserved.


            THE SMUGGLER
            Sound of Music fans and the residents of Salzburg certainly know the Pegasus Fountain in Mirabell Garden. It is a work of Kaspar Gras from Innsbruck. But the imposing winged horse did not always “live” there. It had been created in the 17th century for the horse-pond at Kapitelplatz behind the cathedral. There a long journey began for the poor creature. First it moved to Mirabellplatz, from where it was brought to Hannibalplatz (today: Makartplatz). As some noble ladies living there were shocked about the pure nakedness of the animal, it was removed, castrated and had to hide in a depot. Finally Pegasus found a new stable and if you decide to visit Salzburg, I’ ll show you the horse, the garden and many other interesting places during an exciting sightseeing tour!


            It was during the allied occupation when a few US-soldiers climbed moderately drunk into their military tank after a long night in one of Salzburgs brothels - the "maison de plaisir". They had not gone far before the tank got stuck between two houses in the narrow Steingasse. The tank was stuck there for a few days until the firefighters cut it out. During those days the people of the neighbourhood had to go a detour. Till this day you can see the scars in the houses - one of them is today "das kino".



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